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Would you like to help Camp Lu Lay Lea and give back?


To make a donation to the camp, click the button below, or send a check payable to "Camp Lu Lay Lea" and mail it to:


Camp Lu Lay Lea 

92 Ohio St.

Lupton, MI 48635


Camp Lu Lay Lea would greatly appreciate any of the following types of donations:  


  • Sponsor a Child  

  • Equipment Needed

  • Arts & Craft Supplies  

  • Building Repairs

  • Covid-19 Relief Funds



Our Buy-a-Brick program is a great way to honor or remember a loved one. Especially those who were connected in some way to Camp Lu Lay Lea. These bricks make up the walk way to our new dining hall built in 2010. Each week as parents and campers arrive they have the opportunity to view the walk way.

Thrivent Choice Dollars
Camp Lu Lay Lea is now on the list for Thrivent choice dollars. Please consider choosing us for your next donation. Camp is always looking for ways to improve facilities and enhance camper experience. We also provide scholarships to those that would like to come to camp, but do not have the finances.

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